Social Media Marketing

It is Always From Human to Human

Social Media Marketing, in simple words, is the use of all social media platforms to connect with your audience, and each year is more vital than before. It is worth mentioning that social media marketing creates strategies for each platform since each one has specific and unique utilities!

By understanding this art, you can position your tax business in front of your ideal prospects and obtain qualified leads for your business. Moreover, social media marketing helps advertise and sell products and create strong relationships with clients and brand awareness.

The leading social media platforms (at the moment) are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and YouTube. So you need to understand not only how they work but also how people use them.

Introducing yourself to someone comes first, right?

Before you can have a conversation with someone,  you do introduce yourself. 

The same thing happens with social media platforms; with this introduction, users see if your business has the same values as them, amongst other things. If they are interested in your product/service, they will engage with your business, starting awareness in the customer journey.

Each company is unique; for example, Latino Tax Pro they do practical tax preparation courses. All CPAs or accountants have their unique selling proposition. 

Consider The Fact That Social Networks Is Commitment

Have you thought about how the user engages with your company?

The answer is with 2 things, TIME or MONEY.

If social media marketing does the homework, the right audience will invest time, in other cases, money (e-commerce). Social Media lets customers go through a journey to buy and even promote your services.

What is the customer journey?

The Customer Journey is the start-up process of a product/service acquisition; if you don’t have one customer journey in your company, 1040 marketing is confident you’ll need one. Click here to know more.

The Customer Journey is a marketing theory (digital marketer authors) where you have 8 steps to complete the entire process of a sale or acquisition. 

It starts with awareness, engagement, subscribing, and a natural flow until they get to the promotion stage. However, your business is still keeping your prospect or customer excited about your product/service on social media platforms. 

Social media marketing requires a whole strategist to create and optimize a campaign to see an increase in sales results and improve the customer experience, which is why platforms such as Twitter are necessary as the way of social media listening.

The main objective of social media marketing Social media 

Social Media Marketing focuses on customer engagement in all acquisition stages, which generates more income.

Social networks need more than just amazing graphics; they need compelling unlimited content.

1040 Marketing uses social media with a strategy that provides you attractive ads or videos with incredible tailor-made content and a solid call to action to complete the sale funnel.

Remember: Las different platforms attract different audiences, and some companies are using social networks as a form of e-commerce. For example, Pinterest is handy for e-commerce businesses.

Facebook and YouTube are prime locations for ads due in part to their high-income user bases.

The majority of Instagram and TikTok users are millennials or Gen Z, indicating the strength of bold and eye-catching content that oozes personality.

LinkedIn’s user base is well educated, making it a hub for in-depth, industry-specific content that can be more complicated than what you see on Facebook or Twitter.

Research Your Target Audience and Reap The Benefits.

Once you have settled everything like the social media insights tool, it will also give you information, demographics, interests, and hours to post; for example, you can see if women or men and their ages view your content. They provide an overview of who follows you and how they interact with your content in each channel to help you obtain better moves on your social platforms.

There are many tools to use on social media to make sure you are spending your time on the right channel, to create better posts for your prospects, or to spend more budget on the network you consider that gets better results and more profits.

1040 Marketing has a methodology of 4 easy steps that allows you to be easily visible among all the Facebook business pages or social media accounts and help you get the interest of all taxpayers or clients you are looking for.

For more information, book your consultation today! At 1040 Marketing, we also speak Spanish, and we are a marketing company that provides these services to its clients, demonstrating effective social media marketing.