How to Rank Better in Search Engines

How to Rank Better in Search Engines

Today’s world of business is dominated by digital.  The right online strategies will increase a tax prep company’s chances of appearing on the front pages of search engines to boost conversions. 

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most important elements of any digital marketing plan. Appearing on top of search engines will bring you more business opportunities as compared to any other form of digital marketing. 

But boosting SEO is not easy. It takes ingenuity, dedication, perseverance, and updated knowledge of the changing nature of the Google algorithm.

However, there are steps you can take to get to the top of search engine results pages.

The sales process begins on the Internet.

SEO is effective in producing middling to long-term goals. It helps businesses appear on the front pages of Google search engines. The increased visibility will boost traffic and conversions. 

The concept of SEO

The concept of SEO involves optimizing digital resources so that search engines prioritize your site among internet users searching for your services. If you don’t take advantage of this powerful method of generating traffic and conversions, you are likely to fall behind your tax business competitors. 

Statistics state that 83% of users will not search for websites beyond the first page of generated search results. Therefore, it’s important to use the very best SEO strategies to get your company to the top.

Improve these 3 elements for a better ranking

Search engine optimization is hard work but if you keep it up, it will boost your rankings helping your business gain credibility.

There are 3 elements that are indispensable in your marketing and SEO plan. 

  1. Keywords.
  2. Content.
  3. Authority.

1. Work On Keywords

Keywords are words and phrases that are relevant to your industry. Once you find ones that work for you, include them in your content making sure to scatter them throughout texts, titles, and headings. 

When people are searching for the services you offer, they will be likely to use these keywords. Google will identify them in your content making your business come up first in consumer searches. 

The more precise your keywords are, the higher your website will rank. 

This is key:

Once you find the best keywords and variables, store them in a Google document or another safe place so you can easily access them the next time you are adding content to your site. 


If you want to get a higher rating in SERP, it is essential to create engaging content at the startup stage, and as your company grows.  The idea is to provide value to prospects that will create a meaningful connection. Once this connection is established, it is hopeful that conversion will follow. 

The tax business world is competitive. Your content can set your company apart. Think of your brand vision and the value you offer and communicate these elements in the content you create. 

How 1040 can help

1040 Marketing creates content that attracts and engages your ideal audience. We help you integrate the right keywords and provide excellent content as well as a top-notch user experience to get the positioning you need.


Content creation persuades consumers to convert and become loyal customers. It is more than text. It must be written with the purpose of engaging and adding value.

Content comes in many forms including the following: 

  1. Blogs
  2. Case studies
  3. White Papers Books
  4. Electronic
  5. Infographic
  6. Templates and checklists Downloads

At 1040, we will help you create a variety of content formats that users will find useful and informative. 

3. Authority

To rank highly on search engine pages, you must incorporate an authoritative voice into your content. 

Before search engines rank a business, they will read and analyze the content to determine if it is truthful and high quality. If it passes the test, you will be considered an authoritative brand, and your site will rank highly on the internet. 

Content will also rank highly if it is updated regularly. Go through your content to make sure all the information is current. You may also want to reuse content by converting it into another format or you may improve it by adding keywords or giving it a rewrite or a catchy title.

You will also boost rankings if you share your content on social media. Share to tax industry groups and pages to increase engagement through various platforms.  

1040 Marketing is a bilingual company offering services in Spanish and English. We use the best resources available to build authority for your website. For more information, schedule your consultation today!  We will work on your SEO strategies to get your tax business to the top of search engine pages.