Email Marketing Makes A Positive Impact On Your Business After Tax Season is Over

How Email Marketing Will Make A Positive Impact On Your Business After Tax Season is Over

Millions of people need tax preparation assistance during tax season, but what happens when tax season is over? Tax prep experts can do services after tax season, but they will have to push a little harder to get the clients they need to stay afloat. That’s where email marketing comes in handy. 

The after-tax season is over; tax experts can stay busy by correcting documents that weren’t filed correctly. They can set up financial advising and consult; they can work with clients to prepare payroll and quarterly taxes. They can also complete taxes for people that had to file extensions. 

The problem is, some people don’t even realize tax experts offer these services during the off-season. So how do you let them know? Send them an email! Here are some ways email marketing can benefit your company.

Let’s Clients Know About the Services You Offer: 

Clients may not be aware of all the services you offer in addition to tax prep. An email will let them know how you can assist them year-round.

Increases Brand Awareness:

 When clients see your email pop up in their inbox, they will be reminded of your company. This will make them more likely to hire you for services outside of tax prep, and it will ensure that you are the one they call when tax season rolls around. 

Helps Build a Loyal Relationship:

Emails don’t always have to be about selling your services. They can also be used to provide taxpayers with useful information. Sending emails that contain resources on the latest tax news and what clients can be doing to get bigger refunds will help build trust and loyalty. 


Email marketing is generally inexpensive, and it produces a high ROI. This makes it well worth the investment. 

1040 Digital Marketing has a proven track record for developing email campaigns that boost leads and conversions for tax experts, even after tax season is over.

We will take the stress of marketing off your hands so you can concentrate on providing your clients with the best service possible. We will create emails that add value to client’s lives and automate them, so they are sent out during high traffic hours. 

When tax season ends, it’s time for tax experts to really work it. 1040 will develop an email marketing campaign that will keep you afloat year-round.

Find out how we can take your business to the next level.