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Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool that is often underutilized by tax preparation offices. We help you communicate with taxpayers to book you appointments and foster trust and loyalty. Build rapport with current and prospective clients so they choose to work with your business one tax season after the other.

Engage taxpayers with value-driven email campaigns

Our email marketing partnership creates smart and innovative campaigns that deliver exceptional returns on investment. Our team has the technical knowledge, skills, and experience it takes to help your tax business make the most out of email marketing. We set up biweekly email newsletters on your behalf and execute custom campaigns that will set your tax preparation business apart from the competition.

Why should
Accountants and tax pros
care about email marketing?

Changing times call for tax preparers and accountants to be true entrepreneurs. To stay relevant in an increasingly competitive and evolving business environment, you have to think strategically, modernize your customer acquisition, and use digital marketing instruments to get your services in front of the right people.

  • Influence purchase decisions – email is arguably the most influential digital marketing tool for influencing purchase decisions. 59% of respondents in a survey carried out by HubSpot agreed that marketing emails influenced their purchase decisions. Our team helps you use this medium to introduce new services, share important updates, encourage clients to take action with unique offers. 
  • Generate traffic to your website – drive recipients to a specific landing page on your website by adding links and calls to action to your email content. This is an excellent way to generate targeted traffic and increase conversions. 
  • Improve marketing ROI – email has a higher ROI than most other tax office marketing methods. You do not need to pay for mail postage fees or print flyers to get your message in front of the right people. Furthermore, email is a more convenient communication channel than most other digital methods. 
  • Increase leads and customer retention – apply inbound marketing methods to nurture leads and book appointments for your tax office. Email marketing is a great way to narrow down your focus so that you or your team do not waste time on poor leads. 
  • Build credibility – build credibility in your tax and accounting niche by staying in touch with your clients and keeping them updated on your business and services. Email is a great channel to communicate important updates such as tax filing deadlines and changes in tax laws. 

Overcome common
email marketing pitfalls

Most do-it-yourself email campaigns face a lot of challenges and are thus abandoned before they reach their full potential. Our team helps you avoid common pitfalls and ensure success from start to completion.

→ Dismal subscribers’ numbers

 Many tax preparers have no clue how to grow and retain subscribers. Some may resort to extreme and unethical methods such as purchasing email lists and sending unsolicited messages to people who have expressed no interest in the services your accounting company offers.  
Our team at 1040 marketing will help you increase opt-in opportunities and group customers so you can send relevant messages. Social media marketing and paid advertising may be used to attract new subscribers. 

→ Low delivery rate 

Not every email message sent will make it to the intended recipient’s inbox due to ‘bounces’. Soft bounces are usually temporary and happen when a recipient’s inbox is full, while hard bounces are more permanent and may happen when you send to an email address that does not even exist.  
Our team will regularly update your recipient list to get this problem out of the way. Contacts that have been inactive for too long need to be removed. We may also change the email opt-in process to make sure that customers are entering the right email addresses. 

→ Low open rate

 Low open rates may be caused by a variety of factors revolving around the subject line, preview text, and sender name. People will hardly open your email if it doesn’t appear to be interesting or relevant at the first glance. 
We solve this problem by testing different subject lines and preview text to figure out what works best for your audience. The goal is to craft a tailor-made approach that will capture the interest of your audience and instantly get them to open the email. 

→ Low click rate

It often happens that prospects open your email messages but then immediately lose interest after that. The links within your email aren’t getting enough clicks and so the campaign isn’t helping you reach your goals. 
The goal of each email campaign is to get people to get to your website or contact your office with inquiries. We improve click-through rates by creating high-value messaging and strategic calls to action.

→ High SPAM complaints

Sending email content that is not relevant to your subscribers is the easiest way to attract spam complaints and un-subscriptions. Sending too many emails within a short duration of time may also lead to similar consequences. 
We help reduce spam complaints by enhancing the subscription process so that customers choose the options they want. Another approach is to change the voice of your email content so you sound like a helpful friend and not a pushy salesperson who’s looking to drive a sale. 

Work with a seasoned email marketing team

1040 Marketing offers results-driven email marketing services exclusively to tax offices and accounting businesses. We work with hundreds of tax offices across the US. Our service is ideal if you are looking to capture new leads, resell to and reengage previous customers. We craft each campaign to suit your goals and deliver your marketing objectives. 

1040 Marketing caters to all aspects of your tax business email marketing

We offer two email marketing packages for accounting and tax professionals, they include the following:

1. Marketing campaign strategy and execution

Strategize and execute a persuasive marketing campaign to reach your sales and marketing goals. Our focus is to help your business create new leads and breathe a new lease of life into existing ones via compelling and personalized email messaging.

2. Newsletters creation

Disburse a regular newsletter delivering high-value content to keep your tax preparation clients engaged and remind them that you are a trusted and authoritative provider. This newsletter is a powerful marketing tool to encourage your customers to keep using your services. Sent twice a month.

All email packages include:
List management and segmentation – update and segment your list to increase campaign efficiency. Your email list is the foundation of your email marketing efforts. It needs to stay updated to ensure that your messages reach a receptive audience.
Measurement and analysis – measurement and analysis are crucial aspects of an effective email marketing strategy. We’ll track for success and keep improving each campaign so you get clear and measurable results (and maximize ROI). 

Establish domain authority and trust with powerful email marketing

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